Kazakh National Medical University: Boost Your Medical Career

There is a slew of students who wish to pursue the MBBS course from a reputed university. There exist a plethora of such universities which provide top-notch education in the same field. All these universities and educational institutions lend a helping hand to the students in turning their dream come true. However, it’s the high tuition fee of these universities that discourage many students in securing a seat in one of them. Soaring living expenses which entail accommodation, food, travel, etc. further add to the woes. But there exist certain universities that offer the MBBS course in exchange for a tuition fee that doesn’t burn a hole in the students’ pockets. Alas! Their education quality is not up to the mark.

If you are looking for a medical university which is prominent, trustworthy, affordable, and offers a top-notch quality of medical education, Kazakh Russian Medical University is here to put an end to your search.

About Kazakh National Medical University

Established in the year 1931 and recognized as a ‘National University’ in 2001, Kazakh National Medical University is considered as the #1 University of Kazakhstan. Located in Almaty, the university has given some the most famed physicians and medical experts to the world. Pursuing your medical career in this Kazakhstan MBBS college is beneficial in a plenitude of ways. The fee is affordable, thus, ensuring that you, as a student or your parents/guardians/sponsors do not have to undergo extreme financial pressure. Above all, there is no compromise with the education quality. Because this is the top medical university in Kazakhstan which offers an excellent quality of education, it is a preferred choice for many students visiting Russia to pursue their MBBS.

Why Take MBBS Admission in Kazakh National Medical University?

There are many MBBS universities and colleges that must be hovering your head right now. It is quite difficult to make a choice in such a circumstance. While there are many who claim to help you out from this dilemma, their diplomatic answer further pulls you deep into the trouble. But here we are with a concrete answer backed by many reasons. So, if you are planning to pursue a course in medical, then pursue your MBBS in Russia in Kazakh Medical University. Here are some good reasons to follow our advice.

  • Trained Faculties and Staff: In its endeavor to provide the best quality of medical education to the students, this Almaty medical college of Kazakhstan has the best of the best teachers and professors. It has a total of 1,287 qualified teachers. This number includes seven academicians of NAN RK, one academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, two members of the Academy of Preventive Medicine, 145 doctors of medical sciences, 405 candidates of science and associate professors, etc.
  • Provision for Guest Faculties: Apart from permanent faculties, the Kazakh Russian Medical University is known for its experienced guest faculties as well. A whopping 80+ visiting professors from 14 countries impart knowledge to the MBBS students enrolled with the university.
  • Different Programs and Courses: Unlike other Kazakhstan MBBS colleges and universities which have just a few courses, this Almaty medical college of Kazakhstan has more than seven programs for its students. Thus, those who want to pursue their MBBS in Russia in Kazakh medical university have the option of General Medicine, Therapeutic, Pediatrics, Medico-Prophylactic, Stomatology, Pharmacy, etc. One can choose a course as per their interest, liking or scope.
  • Facilities to Improve Practical Skills: Other than mere book knowledge, the university also works on honing and improving the practical skills of its MBBS students. For the same, the university has a Center of Practical Skills. Under this initiative, Emergency Medicine, Center for Medical Simulation, etc. have been established for the students.
  • Hassle-Free Admission Process: When it comes to the MBBS admission in Kazakh National Medical University, it does not pose any challenge in front of the students. Admission in this university is conducted in co-operation with official representatives having official agreements with KNU and relevant authorities.
  • Excellent Accommodation Facility: More than 9,000 students become the part of the university every year. Most of these students hail from China, Georgia, Moldova, India, Russia, South Korea, and other Asian Countries. The University shoulders the responsibility to provide these students with a top-notch accommodation facility. Thus, the Kazakh National Medical University Hostel is packed with all the necessary facilities and amenities that are imperative for an MBBS student or a student in general.
  • Co-Curricular Activities: All study and no fun can make any student dull. The university fathoms the fact well and thus, it has various co-curricular activities for its students. In its endeavor to offer a cordial social environment to the students, the Almaty medical college of Kazakhstan has various student interactions and activity groups such as info-media center, Debate Club, Students Squad, Intellectual Club, etc. Other than keeping the students entertained, these groups and activities help them in personal growth and conditioning.
  • Kazakhstan MBBS Fee Structure: When it comes to Kazakhstan’s Medical College fee structure, it is transparent and lists down the bifurcation clearly. The duration of the entire course is 4.8 years and the categorization of the Kazakhstan medical college fees remains the same across the span of the course. The tuition fee is USD 4500/ year. There are separate charges for Kazakh national medical university hostel. The accommodation fee is USD 600/year. Thus, the total Kazakhstan medical university fees is USD 5100 every year. Do note that this is the Kazakh national medical university fee structure of 2018.

All in all, the Kazakh National Medical University has revolutionized the way medical education is imparted to the ones interested in the same. From a transparent fee structure to experienced faculties and practical center on the campus, the university endeavors to make the quality medical education accessible for the ones who are looking forward to pursuing it. The university has produced more than 60,000 undergraduates since its inception. When are you becoming a part this league? Enroll with Kazakh Russian Medical University today!


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